St. Paul's Episcopal Church


For more than one hundred and fifty years, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has found a home atop a steep hill in downtown Wilkesboro, North Carolina. In 2002 international artist, Benjamin F. Long, IV, painted two frescoes depicting the story of St. Paul at the church.

St. Paul’s Church traces its beginnings to 1836. A brick Gothic church was constructed in 1848 and consecrated the following year. A new chapel to accommodate the growing congregation has been built behind the old church and the two buildings connected with a common area.

The floor of Coventry Chapel is a labyrinth constructed of intricately laid brick patterned after the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol used for walking meditation. The labyrinth at St. Paul’s Coventry Chapel is open to the community as a place to “quiet the mind, soothe the soul, and mend the heart.”

A unique opportunity came to St. Paul’s in 2002 when the Cultural Arts Council of Wilkes and St. Paul’s parish became partners after Long agreed to paint the two frescoes in the commons area at the church.  Both Roger Nelson and James Daniel assisted Long in painting the frescoes.