Statesville Civic Center


From the beginning, the concept of crossroads dominated the planning sessions with artist Benjamin Long. Statesville is quite literally at the crossroads, from its proximity to two major interstates to its shifting focus. During its early years, Statesville served as a true crossroads, or common place, for pioneer travelers.  Historically an agricultural center, the 21st century has seen changes in the landscape, with the addition of industry, technology and tourism. The home of the fresco, the newly built Civic Center, is itself symbolic of the new Statesville.

Dominating the busy scene is a figure from ancient  mythology, Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads. Surrounded by life, the three-faced maiden who has the power to see in all directions stands with her hand upon her chest, a sign of arrival. The fresco shows three roads converging, the ancient symbol of crossroads and its use as a common place where people come together.

Life at a crossroads is life at a point where choices are to be made – choices that involve love or hatred, justice or injustice, gossip or truth, mercy or malice, wealth or poverty, happiness or sadness, even life or death. All of these elements of life are found in the fresco and it is the artist’s desire is that you find them for yourself.